Pine WaveDriver Potentiostat – Electrochemical Studies

Electrochemical Cell
Our group uses this Pine WaveDriver potentiostat for our electrochemical studies. This potentiostat is capable of performing cyclic voltammetry (CV), bulk electrolysis (BE), and differential pulse voltammetry (DPV), which we use to determine the oxidation and reduction potentials of the catalysts we design in the lab, as well as those of the substrates we are studying for oxidation. In addition to the standard cell shown, we also have an optical thin layer cell (OTL cell) and electrodes for spectroelectrochemical studies. Spectroelectrochemistry allows us to compare the UV-Visible spectra of species we observe during kinetic studies with those of the oxidized or reduced catalyst, letting us determine or exclude these species as those formed during catalysis.

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