PerkinElmer Lambda 465 – Reaction Kinetics

UV-VisOur lab uses this PerkinElmer Lambda 465 to study the reaction kinetics of our catalysts in solution. The sample chamber is surrounded by a water jacket attached to a circulating heating/refrigerating bath, which allows us to control and adjust the reaction temperature. This instrument uses a photodiode array, which allows it to collect full UV-Visible spectra in ca. 20 milliseconds, giving us a detailed view of the reaction as it proceeds. In order to view the initial rates of our catalytic reactions, we have a rapid mixing injection accessory with an 8 millisecond dead time, allowing us to monitor reactions almost as soon as the reactants have been mixed. An additional advantage to the photodiode detector used is the photodiodes emit and are detected at a very specific frequency. This prevents external light sources from affecting our spectra, allowing us to monitor light initiated or light driven reactions, which are key to many of the chemistries our group is studying.

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